Africa is a country rich in stories rooted in an unexplored history.

Africa carries the scent of those who get their hands dirty everyday building a new life, to guarantee their future.

Africa is a baobab forest next to which you feel small, but not insignificant; this forest imparts self awareness.

Africa teaches you to learn about a country before you judge, to hear a story before you comment on it, to taste a dish before you decide it is good or bad; it helps you appreciate the genuine smiles of children before thinking you already know all about them.

Africa is a collection of short stories, a museum of paintings, a picture of many colors.


Within this section STORIES OF AFRICA: there are no myths or legends, but rather the stories of those who, like me, set out barefoot in the orange sand and experienced the real Africa.

With our stories we want to transmit our experiences during our stay in the Zambian territory and touch upon the projects we started there.