Colors of Manungu

7.30 am. The alarm goes off. There is no electricity or central heating, but we can still make excellent coffee with the portable gas stove.

8.15 am. We leave the house, towards school, towards colors and drawings, towards songs about the days of the week, the months of the year, the animals of the savannah; towards soap bubbles, towards long runs in the fields; towards smiles, towards dreams.

scuola manungu

“The first time you never forget.” There was never a more perfect expression to describe our first meeting with the children in the community of Manungu.

LeggiAmoManungu is a multidisciplinary project: MANUNGarte in the morning and MANUNGiochiamo in the afternoon. Every morning after math class, we held drawing workshops, outdoor games and a laboratory on scenic art. On our last day we staged the show “The animals’ family” based on our scenic art projects.

With the project LeggiAmoManungotry we wanted to create an exchange of knowledge, through the interactions between children from different social backgrounds. To help us achieve this Miss Ndaba, an exceptional school teacher and an extraordinary educator offered daily reading activities in the library of Manungu.


Every afternoon was pure fun, we were captivated by the kids laughter, hugs and an international exchange of games: from “ruba bandiera” (typical Italian game) to Me-Me (typical Zambian game).


The library needs very few materials: a few books, colored pencils and markers for drawing, pens and sheets of paper for creative writing! However, what the library of Manungu gives you, what the school of Manugu gives you, what the entire community of Manungu gives you is much more.

It’s like writing a story all together, step by step, phrase after phrase.

It’s like painting the world using just your hands, the blue sky and the orange ground.

It’s like feeling the earth stop spinning before the eyes of a child, so bright and transparent.

Eyes that look like diamonds.