IMG_5346PROJECT “MonzEducando” (Educating Monze)

In the town of Monze the desire to build a library was born; the need for a venue to train the mind with books (all texts in English generously donated by our supporters) and train energetic children with many group games was recognized. Thus, the Educating Monza project was created to flank the activities of LeggiAmoManungu.

General objectives: The project involves the creation of a reading room and creative writing laboratory that will welcome local children aged between 3 and 12 years.

Technical and specific objectives: to approach the book as a means to gain knowledge; use their creativity as a communication tool; respect for others even in the context of play; improve socialization and cooperative interaction skills.

Expected results: familiarization with the library space; the active involvement of teachers, children and parents; create an area that piques curiosity and the desire to acquire knowledge through books.

Organization of the activities:

Initial setup:

  • Familiarize the teachers and schoolchildren of Monze Sacred Heart Elementary School with the library workspace and planned projects;
  • Presentation of books chosen for group readings and organization of morning activities;
  • Organization of recreational activities for the afternoon.

Daily scheme:

  • Group story reading, analysis of the story (characters, storyline, moral);
  • Graphical representation of the reading by the children;
  • Write a story …..;
  • Play soccer and basketball.


50 children

10 tutors

For more information contact: Isabel –