I wanted to write just a few words to describe my experience in Africa, more precisely in Monze, Zambia.

I will not elaborate too much because I could fill pages and pages, as there would be too many things to describe.

My adventure began with my super traveling companions with whom I shared good and bad moments. We were also fortunate to be able to work alongside another non-profit organization, “Slums Dunk”.

Our impact with a totally different culture was immediately evident, but the people were very friendly, and we immediately related to boys of the same age mostly through sport, in particular basketball.

Basketball for these boys meant a break from the everyday problems they face. Their smiles were spontaneous and will be difficult to forget.

The fact, that these kids can achieve happiness with so few material goods (all those things we take for granted) is truly amazing and made us reflect on our lives back in Italy.

Even now I keep in touch with Daniel, Ulu, and Derrick and the other guys, whom I now consider brothers from Zambia this wonderful land full of contradictions. What can I say, I can’t wait to return and continue what we started.


basket 3