Social, Medical and Psychological education


Children, adolescents, and women from the Manungu general population; staff from the Urban Clinic of Monze.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Evaluation of the results will consist of careful observation by operators. After returning to Italy, monitoring will continue by regular exchanges with the Sisters permanently present in Manugnu and reference figures previously chosen and properly trained.

11831689_688204064617780_4951617654790070410_nGeneral Goals:

– Promotion of physical and psychological well-being.

– Prevention of psychological distress.

Specific Goals:

– Socio-emotional skills development.

– Informative meetings on food education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and prenatal health management.

– Support groups on growth for the women of Manungu.

– Training of reference figures on site, in relation to the areas listed above, in order to ensure the continuation of the project.

– Recruit figures for the translation of content into the local language (Tonga).


For preschoolers in the village of Manungu we will conduct interactive activities and workshops in small groups to promote social and emotional learning. Through the creation of art projects children will learn to recognize emotions and develop cooperation among peers (empathy).11987148_698727130232140_6561592026213523361_n

It will allow the establishment of an outreach area for people with AIDS and other diseases where they can obtain reliable information and voice their concerns.

It will ensure the creation of focus groups (6-8 people), in particular for the women of the village of Manungu; groups will meet for discussion and prenatal classes.

Courses will be offered on prevention methods for the more common infectious agents and sexually transmitted diseases, the main symptoms of various diseases and types of care available. Information will also be disseminated with brochures or posters.The activities will be carried out in small groups (10-15 people) in the village of Manungu, the local parish and in the Urban Clinic. First aid courses will also be held, where key persons will be instructed on appropriate life-saving techniques to be implemented in case of emergency.

Structure of groups:

– Counselling with mothers about life’s stresses and family management: 5-6 mothers per group. 4 groups in Manungu.

– Training: of local people who will be reference figures for health education and psychological counselling after the end of the project (4 teachers, 2 sisters and 2 mentors).

– Social-emotional learning group: 10-15 children per group, divided according to age. For all activities 2-3 local people will be necessary who are able to translate the information, from English to Tonga. These people should be chosen before the start of the project and be available during the activities (counselling, educational and psycho-educational).


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