Hope ball no sfondoHopeball is a project born in 2016 from the mind of Gian Marco Duina with the intent to transmit in the poorest areas of the planet a passion that can give hope.

what it means and why we offer a sports educational project?


The achievement of any goal requires a solid design; in the case of a sports educational project it is performed by a coach who therefore also assumes the role of educator / orienter.

Our design comes educational intentionality, or from scientific research objectives, methods, and tools that promote the emancipation and expression of individuality of the subjects, allowing them to live an intense learning experience not only on the performance plan, but above all on that identity, by supporting and developing its capabilities and urging him to experimentation with new.

Following this project, therefore, the sport (as discussed below) you can present as a training device that can positively stimulate the growth and development of subjects.

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  The educational aspect is the main aspect of our project: “is educated because you are not content with the present state, but it tends to overcome this was to achieve a higher standard of living”

Living in the key educational sports project means to express the subject in its totality, favoring the processes of construction of identity and enhancement of the person; l ‘trainer (educator) active learning paths focusing on personality aspects, the dynamics of life, the corporeal and, therefore, on the personal stories of individuals, within the perspective of development of emancipatory subjects as persons, constantly stimulating the’ exercise of freedom and individual creativity.

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Why we chose to focus our own educational project on sport? Before we start analyzing the educational aspects of the meaning of the word itself.

And ‘curious and emblematic as simple lexical point of view the word sport is one of those rare terms which does not have the translations in different languages, giving the universal definition of -a set of complex activities on the psycho-physical level aimed at achieving a result achieved through the agonistico- spirit.

E ‘in an educational key which should be read agonistic period, since it characterizes the situation in which the contenders are not as enemies but as “adversaries” trying to outdo each other according to previously established and accepted methods: in quest`ottica l`avversario is the fundamental means to compete in a common observation agree with the rules and respect, dealing constructively un`ottica and emancipatory, experimenting in a critical manner respecting fair play here is how sport allows you to experience and enhance a multitude of soft skills that can be used also in other fields of life, first of all l`imparare to address the problems effectively.

In the light of these considerations, the sport is understood as a path that allows you to experiment, to make mistakes without the worry of serious consequences, to live a tense continues to challenge the context, not only with l`altro but with themselves, emancipatory perspective .

Inside the sports group subjects experienced social skills such as tolerance, respect, collaboration, and the internalization of the norm.

Sport, from this perspective becomes experience, identity formation, veicolatore instrument of culture and time for socializing.

In conclusion, therefore, urging the parties and following the educational project, the sport enables free experimentation and learning a series of cognitive and functional behavioral resources to the growth process, the construction and consolidation of a personal and social image of the Self


Our sports education project focuses on three dimensions

Democratic -size: The coach undertakes to develop the comparison between athletes, urging such self-knowledge through the other’s understanding and appreciation of different. Create an environment and a democratic atmosphere allows everyone to experiment freely taking awareness of their own capacity and limits.

Intercultural -size: The coach is committed to making sport a tool of universally shared values by designing courses of education for peace, solidarity, respect of man, of life and diversity.

playful -size: The coach agrees to keep constantly in mind the playful aspect; it allows you to create a place of joy, cheerfulness and pleasure creating different roles and social relationships from common ones: the playful dimension of sport allows you to live daily moods with lighter (joy for a victory and sorrow for a defeat). Rivalry, strength, courage, victory, defeat, competition and collaboration thus become the occasion for an awareness of the many faces of himself.

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