The project Kubala started in 2016 with the goal of bringing free education in every corner of the world where going to school and reading a book are a privilege that only few can benefit from.

This is why we decided to offer our help to Manungu secondary school in Zambia, and with the enormous commitment of our volunteers, supported patiently and diligently by BibLions association, we managed to raise about five hundred books that were donated towards the creation of the school’s first library.

With commitment we created all necessary things: shelves for the books, chairs, benches and even pillows!

So we started to ration the first guys who curiously approached the concept-library.
libri biblio

Within a month so we gave life to a place that it is a container of books but also a real meeting place for young and study; we taught a group of children how to manage the library itself and how to ration the new guys around to make sure that the library could continue to live even after our return in Italy and that is what is happening!

The Whanau library in Manungu became the first in a series of libraries that Kubala project plans to build more than to look for professors interested in giving their teaching, free of charge, in African schools with whom we work.