PROJECT LeggiAmoManungu

LeggiAmoManungu is a project that began a few years ago with the aim of creating an accessible library for all the kids of the Manungu village. This new amazing library was made trought the great job of the Parish and Manungu Community itself and it will grown more and more also thanks to the donations of books, pencils and notebooks!




General Goals: This year’s project will create reading, writing, juggling and drawing laboratories that will involve local kids between the ages of 2 and 6.

Specific Goals: creativity as a communication tool, with a strong socio-emotional skills developments.




Main Activities:

  • help children learn by founding the books they prefer;leggiamo man
  • promote children’s knowledge of the english language;
  • organize the exibition ‘The animals’ family’;
  • drawing laboratories;
  • algebra classes, sing a song of the names of the months, sing a song of the names of the days.


20 children in the morning, 60 in the afternoon

6 tutors


Contact: Federico – gorra@hotmail.it