The association is structured as follows:


Promote the mission and the Association activities in print and manages our contacts with newspapers, radio and other associations in the territory. They also manage the Association’ social network through public media sites: Facebook, Twitter. Responsible for relations 2.0.       ‘Get your hands dirty with newspaper ink’

EVENT ORGANIZATION AREA: Ludovica Caciolli, Ilaria Podetti, Anna Vaggi, Silvia Desigis, Federico Gorrani

This group organizes promotional events and fund raisers to support the Association’s activities in Italy and abroad. Photo exhibitions, Town square banquets, Sundays with the family, video screenings, workshops in elementary and middle schools, charity lunches, fundraising parties and much more…

Education is a right, share it

KUBALA: Isabel Torroni, Federico Gorrani                                                                                                                                                                                                     KUBALA FOR FREEDOM: Valentina Grecchi, Alfredo Caprotti

Collect books in English for children at our Association missions, coordination of writing and creative design workshops Italy and in Zambia.

The world belongs to those who read’

TREASURER : Federico Gorrani

Management of the Association’s economic flow. He draws up the Financial Balance Sheet and budget; monitors the use of available funds.

Throw your seeds and contribute to the collective garden

AFRICA ATHLETICS: Mario Pavan, Enrico Tirel

Coordination of sports (football, athletics and basketball) in Italy, Zambia and Malawi through constant updates provided by the trainers from Monze and Manungo. The main objective is to show how powerful and awe-inspiring passions can become a motivation for tomorrow.

Run. Give energy to your life. Follow your dreams

HEALTH AND DESIGN AREA: Maria Mirando, Alfredo Caprotti (physicians), Valentina Grecchi (project area)

Continuous management of our relationships with the health facilities in the Zambian territory, dental visits at the hospital in Monze, organization of workshops and workshops in elementary schools, courses on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and support offered by passionate young psychologists (medical area), design of new areas inside the hospital of Monze, such as operating rooms, and of Chirundu; landscape architecture and redevelopment of the outdoor areas (project area).

Close your eyes and imagine; Now open them and start to build your dream. Give it shape. Give it life’